Why is a Reverse Mirror
better than a normal mirror ???

Look at these two photos.

   Reflection        Non-Reversed

  Narrate on your photos with
       Talk Photo    



Talk Photo's 4 Basic Buttons at top while using Camera/Mirror
Flip/Invert Button allows you to go back and forth from Reflection to Non-Reversed Live View.



/wäˈhä/      OR       






Term used to express emotion. It can vary from a negative emotion to a very positive one, it all depends on the usage of it. It can also be used as a way to say 'Hello' or 'Goodbye'.  It can also be used as a "rim shot", such as after delivering a joke's punchline, then you can say, "Waaahaaa" to make it funnier.

Use it any way you please. It's funny any way you slice it. Waaahaaa!!! 
          The more you say it, the funnier it gets." Waaahaaa!!! 


 Check Me Out & Talk Photo
  Non-Reversing Mirror's and more.

1) Both Check Me Out & Talk Photo are modern Non-Reversing Mirror's  with Zoom, Split Screen, Mirror Light, Flip Button (flips back and forth from Non-Reversing Mirror to Simple Mirror with 1 touch). (You can also use the Flip Button, Split Screen, and Zoom with the Rear Facing Camera too!!!)

2) Edit your photos, use filters, add stickers. There are 16 different photo effects.

3) Easy to upload to social networking (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Email), and when you upload to your social networking sites we don't keep your photos on our server.

4) Create Talking Photos now.  Just press the Create Talking Photo Button.     Then just press the red circle button to record.  Then upload or email         your Talking Photo.  Save a memory to a photo. Talk Photo allows you to     use multiple photos when making Talking Photos or Talking Photo               Albums.

 Check Me Out App                              

   #Kris Jenner #Waaahaaa                         Date of Tweet (4/25/12)                  Demo of Check Me Out App's features
   Create Talking Photo Button
                 Photo Effects Button
     (Photo Editor opens when you press Photo Effects)
        (iphone version: Top tab bar buttons)

(ipad version Top tab bar buttons)

         Kids Playing with the Waaahaaa Sound Effect Buttons
                    (Waterproof Sound Effect Buttons)




  Mirror Light, Front/Rear Camera Control,Split Screen, Flip(invert)Screen, Take Photo Buttons  


  Photo Effects (photo editor)   
 (16 different features to choose from)


        (13 preset filters to choose from)


        Split Screen for both Front & Rear Facing Cameras
       (Non-Reversing Mirror & Simple Mirror) for Front Facing Camera
    (True Image & Reversed Image)  for Rear Facing Camera


                              Zoom In and Out
           with the 'Pinch Gesture'


                                Mirror Light
      (This works great in the dark and does not appear in the photo you take)


    Upload to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Email
        (Your photos will not be stored on a server like Instagram does.)


                                     Fun Stickers
                     (Add cool stickers to any photo) 
     (Easy to add and manipulate to fit anything)  

                Before                           After          



Go Heat #Waaahaaa T-shirts with 
(Waterproof Sound Effect Button on the inside)
           Talking T-Shirts $20.00 each
Official Trademark for Waaahaaa


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